Paul Sherwen loved Karamoja and mountain biking in the region

Welcome to Ride Karamoja

Karamoja is  an incredible beautiful place and the beauty is  in the people.  We brought  4500 mountain bikes here 7 years ago to kickstart the economy. Tourism  is the future for the people of this region and  we started  a safari lodge and  then the Tour of Karamoja to empower the people and bring tourists to this incredible place.  The region has incredible terrain for mountain biking and we started building trails, mountain biking will create an economy.  It is our goal to  work with all   adventure  and cycling tour operators to be the  best possible at ensuring that their clients have incredible  adventures. Our Warrior Trailbuilding  Program is  aimed at    mountain bikers and trail builders  with a sense of adventure who want to come  and stay with us, ride the region, define their own signature trails  and then build, map and tell the world about this  incredible  mountain biking  region.   We think that being a part of  creating a very special indigenous  area, is a great way to   give back, make a difference, and in doing so, be the first to ride many incredible places.

Paul 's Backyard a brief intro to Karamoja

 Ride Karamoja is about continuing the work Paul loved in the  area he loves most.   This video  captures a bit of the beauty of  Paul's  Karamoja and the cycling and scenery for this years  event, from Mt Elgon to Kidepo Valley Park. We  invite you on this  incredible journey of change and empowerment.

Warrior Trail Building Program, details on how you can be a part of this incredible adventure.

Paul Sherwen unedited talking about Tour of Karamoja

For those of you  from the mountain biking world, Paul was a professional road rider and the voice of the Tour de France with Phil Liggett the last 33 years, he passed in  December of 2018. Paul Sherwen loved Karamoja, it's beauty and  it's people.  The Tour of Karamoja was Paul's Tour de France.  Paul is no longer with us, but his memory will live on forever in Karamoja, and the entire cycling world.  and is how  we will honor Paul, by continuing  what be loved,  helping  Karamoja, riding there and  bringing the world  to this incredible  and beautiful part of Africa  to hike, ride and enjoy the beauty of the people and the wildlife.

Paul was about  teaching and when we built the  initial  mountain bike trails, it was incredible rewarding and we thought we would also share this adventure with you, through our  Warrior Trailbuilding Program.

Ride the lands Paul Sherwen grew up in and loved


Karamoja was     that place no one had every gone to, yet the place Paul Sherwen called home and where he loved to mountain bike.  It is our goal to ensure that every cyclist gets a chance to ride and visit this incredible region. It is truly world class terrain.

Find out why?

Tour of Karamoja

Off the grid, no  real economy, roads or  electricity, the perfect place for Paul Sherwen  to start a  world class mountain bike  cycling  event and facility , to bring the cycling world to the place Paul loved. Join us on an adventure, to  help trailbuld or ride this incredible region.

Why Ride in Karamoja?


An incredible culture, breathtaking beauty and the challenge of helping the  people   retain their culture and  lifestyle as the world comes to Karamoja. Paul Sherwen grew up here and wanted mountain and gravel  biking to come and empower all in the region, with opportunity, hope and a better life.

Up for the Challenge

Ride Karamoja and you will understand who Paul Sherwen was.

Hi, my name is Pat Montani, I'm  the founder of  the  global Bicycles for Humanity movement , Paul Sherwen joined me on this  journey 15 years ago  and together with our volunteer base we delivered  over 160,000 bicycles to help  empower the people of Africa  with the gift  of mobility.  8 years ago as  war was ending in Karamoja, Uganda, Paul  told me that this was the most important place on earth to bring bikes.   We brought 4500 bikes,    that kickstarted the economy of the  entire region.  Paul is no longer with us, he passed in  December of 2018, but  we invite  everyone to   come ride the  Tour of Karamoja,    and help us build tourism and cycling in Karamoja. Pauls last days were spent in Karamoja, teaching all to be better.  Please join us    to learn more about   the place Paul called home and the place he loved. 

Thanks for joining us on the journey Paul Sherwen started

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