Ride Karamoja, Paul's Legacy to Karamoja and to Africa

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Paul Sherwen when he was alive, just went about  doing things that made sense to him.  when he joined me at bicycles for Humanity, he knew a bicycle can  change  the life of a person in Africa and allow them the opportunity to create a new business, a new opportunity or to race for  the pleasure of the sport.

Tourism, especially tourism that empowers the local people is a great way to  grow an economy in a remote region, again, Paul understood this, the Karamoja Safari Camp and the  tourism training school started by theo are great examples and  now in place the goal is to continue to grow tourism and  to create new opportunities for the people.

Cycling and  empowerment on a bike  are the cornerstone of what Paul believed.  karamoja and much of Africa has incredible  terrain for mountain bikes, gravel bikes and  in some places road  bikes.  many racers train on mountain bikes , away from traffic.   Our small network of trails is already attracting many  tourists and cyclists to the region, creating new opportunities for the people to  build trails,  become guides,  manage camps on their lands and collect fee's for riding their trails.   With a region the size of Karamoja and Western Kenya our pallet, anything is possible and  hundreds of volunteer trail builders building and linking trails,  would produce a riding mecca the world would come to.

Paul's love was Karamoja, his life was cycling and  if together we can  all play a role in Karamoja, leading Africa forward, than   together we will have  rode along  side  Paul and created positive  change the way be believed it should be done.   

Ride Karamoja is Pauls legacy to the world,    I think the best way we can honor Paul and his dream for a better Africa is to ride along side him, build trails and encourage all to come and  ride,  the  Warrior trails  of  karamoja and then with our Common Sense Capacity Building model bring Pauls vision  to the  world.

Below are the   programs we believe  are the bet way to honor Paul and make his dreams come true.

Paul in Pian Upe made by THEO Vos

Paul in Pian Upe made by THEO Vos

Paul's Tour of Karamoja

Just as the  Tour de France  is the   highlight of the  cycling sport, Paul's Tour of Karamoja was the most important race to Paul.  come join us for this years   event. For those that  are coming long distance's,we will be extending the event to   6 days, riding from Mt Elgon to Kidepo   in Pauls honor   allowing  everyone to see and ride the  area Paul loved.  This event will also be a fundraiser to support and to continue to build  the programs Paul believed in. 

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If you build it, they will come join KAMBA and help us make it a reality

Mountain  and gravel bikes are changing the landscape of  thousands of towns and cities across the developed world .   the region from Mt Elgon, right along the spine of mountains  that run to the South Sudan bordering Uganda and Kenya might be the  most incredible opportunity in our lifetime to  not only create  positive change, but to build a  mountain biking  facility of thousands of trails, created and conceived by  all of us who love mountain biking and them with the local people build, connect and map the trails and together creating  the world's  first and world class indigenous bike region.  All the big NGO's and government talk about development and creating opportunity for  others, as cyclists, we have the opportunity  to  change  cycling forever by doing what  just makes sense to all of us.   Work with the local people  transfer skills and knowledge  and assist them in building trails,   together train them in how to manage the trails, learn the skills to be guides,   and help them  as we are doing now, create opportunities in  tourism to support the   mountain bike  program as it grows through the region Paul loved. Ride Karamoja and in riding  and helping build the region out, change the world.

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Ride Karamoja Awareness Program

We know that not all of you have the time to  come  ride in Karamoja or Italy, or you do not have the skills to come and build the  trails.  When Paul and i  built Bicycles for Humanity, we never imagined that it would become the largest globally , but it did and it keeps growing.  Everyone understands the power of a bike and the difference a bike can make to the lives of  others.   We have no staff,  no overhead, with bikes our only cost was shipping, with trail building  and creating an economy around bikes, our only cost is  helpoingfund the locals so that they can build, manage and be proud of their  world class cycling    region.  Ride  Karamoja, enjoy the culture and visit some of the most  beautiful parks in all the world.  If you believe in  the dream  we have for karamoja and for all of Africa and you believe in our common Sense Capacity Building model, than  we invite you to donate, purchase our coffee, caps and mugs and    share  our story with all your friends and family.  Together we can   as a united group of cyclists,  and the memory of Paul,   help grow karamoja and in turn,  have Karamoja, Lead Africa Forward

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Pauls Italian Tour of Karamoja

Paul and I were planning . a week long fundraising ride in Tuscany at a friends villa.  Paul loved telling stories of  the tour and talking about his Africa.  many in  the cycling world loved Paul and we hope to continue this event and hopefully some of his cycling friends will give of thier time to make this event possible.  Again, all  monies raised go towards  growing cycling  in  Karamoja and Africa.  If you are interested in finding out more, we invite you to  subscribe to our  updates.

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