Pauls Intro to the Tour of Karamoja

This was Paul's event, his Tour de France and he wanted to world  to come and ride the lands he loved.  Ride Karamoja will continue  his legacy   by honoring Paul to continue to do the work he loved. This year, the  tour will  be an epic 7 day adventure riding from the top of Mt Elgon at sunrise , through  Kidepo Valley Park at sunset.

Paul Sherwen unedited wrap-up of the Tour de Karamoja

Paul Sherwen loved Karamoja, it's beauty and  it's people.  The Tour of Karamoja was Paul's Tour de France.  Paul is no longer with us, but his memory will live on forever in Karamoja, and the entire cycling world.  

I think Paul loved this tour more than the Tour de France

This was his Grand Tour

Most people in Uganda have never been to Karamoja, they are afraid, but Paul knew the people and  when you meet them,  you fall in love with them.  In the most out of the way place, with a very hostile climate, live a people with high integrity, joy, beauty and love for all  living things.  When not broadcasting the   major bike races with Phil Liggett, Paul loved to travel to the bush of Africa and be with the people.  I've said  many times, that Paul Sherwen was the real Crocodile Dundee.  Paul's dream when he  retired from broadcasting was to be a tour  guide and bring people to see the part of Africa he loved.

Thus was born the Tour of Karamoja, with a simple goal of creating the best cycling event on earth, is a region with incredible beauty, culture and terrain and in doing so, bring the world to Karamoja, to  the place Paul  loved.

Those  that  attending the second tour, have all been moved by Pauls passing and the collective team is determined more than ever to make the third Tour of Karamoja an even larger success and to continue to build the trail network  in Paul's honor.

Paul had registered the name, Paul Sherwen Classic Safari's.  he had purchased 2 Landcruisers and converted them to  safari vehicles.  Along with Theo Vos, Paul  built a world class tented safari lodge, Kara-tunga  and was planning on  making  the tour into a number of week long adventures with the  Tour of Karamoja being a part of the  adventure.

We intend to honor Paul's wish's  and to keep his  dream of the Paul Sherwen Classic Safari alive  and    in the fall of this year, we will organize the  safari and adventure  with the Tour being a part of the  adventure.    I've been on the Paul Sherwen Classic Safari a number of times with Paul, we have taken friends  and sent friends on it and this year, I will lead the Classic, with  Riding Karamoja and the Tour of Karamoja a part of this.

We have not set an agenda or price sheet yet, but if you are interested in joining me,  in honoring Paul and helping to support projects he  felt important, than please send me an email to